Physical Therapy 

Injuries happen all the time, from a rolled ankle on the tennis court, to a tweak from a bad sneeze. Most people resign themselves to a life of pain and discomfort, slowing giving away the exercises and activities they used to love. But you don’t have to. By teaching people how to move with proper mechanics, and addressing deficits, many injuries can heal or feel significantly better in less than four physical therapy sessions!

The key is to teach someone how to move properly to prevent injuries from happening or returning. This takes a keen attention to detail, one-on-one, from a therapist willing to go the extra mile and get to the bottom of an issue. From there, laying a strong foundation of proper mechanics and exercise leads you right back into the activities you love, with the glorious smile of being pain free.

TrueFN offers Physical Therapy from Arlington Performance Care (APC), and Dr. Kyle Paxton. Dr. Paxton is an athlete himself, and understands that pink dumbbells, bands, and "taking time off" don’t solve the problem. Dr. Paxton and accepts all major insurance, and can get you back on your feet before you know it. 


TrueFN Physical Therapy sessions:

  • All sessions are 1 on 1 to focus on the details and get to the root compensations of the injury

  • Provides a progression focus by tracking and seeking improvements over time

  • Includes performance-based assessments to maximize efficient movement patterns

“The 1 on 1 expert care that you receive at APC is unlike any other rehab facility I have attended. Dr. Paxton puts in a genuine effort to solving the root cause of your issue, and because of this the results are extraordinary” 

— Jenn P.

“APC's treatment techniques are unlike any other rehab I had received. I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. The staff is so incredibly knowledgeable and invested in getting you better as fast as possible.”

— Chris C.