Personal Training 

Getting results is not easy, but it is simple: True transformation of your physique and wellness comes from doing the right exercises, at the optimum intensities, and in the best sequence over time.

Our personal training clients come to us with all kinds of aspirations, including weight loss, injury prevention and pain management, and reaching peak performance within triathlons, powerlifting and bodybuilding. But they do have one thing in common: they are ready to put in some serious effort and are eager to see some serious results in return.

Together, we make that happen. The certified trainers at True Fitness and Nutrition use their world-class credentials and years of experience to help you reach - and surpass - your goals. Only a scientist can craft a training program optimized for you, and only a talented coach can help you make it happen. True Fitness professionals are both.


TrueFN Personal Training Programs include:

  • Strength, conditioning and mobility workouts tailored to your goals
  • Regular progress assessments and evaluations
  • Expert hands-on guidance from the top professionals in Northern Virginia
  • True and tested accountability mechanisms to ensure sticking to the plan for the long term

“Elliott was able to diagnose my bad compensations and dysfunctions immediately, and within a month he had corrected 95% of them.” 

— Michael L.

“The trainers are highly knowledgeable, experienced, professional and personable. I'm getting stronger every week! Plus, it's just FUN to train here.”

— Tabitha W.

"TrueFN is easily one of the best training facilities that I have been to. The environment in the facility was amazing and everybody there had a genuine interest in your improvement."

— David P.