Powerlifting Coaching

For serious lifters looking to increase their total, True Fitness and Nutrition offers top tier powerlifting coaching. If you are hungry to put some kilos on your lifts, and take your training to the next level, powerlifting coaching with Brad Couillard, or Kevin Nguyen is for you.

Performing your best at a meet is an exhilarating feeling. We know, because we compete ourselves. We know it takes a lot of work—and the right type of work—to succeed.  Good lifters are not always the strongest, and the strongest are not always good lifters.  Players make plays, and lifters make lifts, and True-FN lifters do it with polish.  You can tell a polished lifter from across the room, and all True-FN lifters show a respect for the sport, and demonstrate it on the platform.

Our coaches lift and coach in the USAPL, the nation's premiere drug-free powerlifting federation, and the only drug-tested avenue to international competition. We have studied with the best in the game, and hold ourselves to the same high standards as athletes ourselves. We provide expert program design, technical coaching, and meet preparation to lifters in the DC metro area and across the country.  True-FN is recognized as a recommended training facility by USA Powerlifting, and we are proud to represent our sport. 


TrueFN Powerlifting Coaching includes:

  • World-class sport-specific program design tailored to your needs and goals. 
  • In-person strength, conditioning and mobility workouts
  • Virtual coaching and form critique to maximize the effect of your solo workouts
  • A team environment for training and worry-free handling on game day


"TrueFN is a great training facility, probably the best in NOVA--and I've been to most of them. The trainers also walk the walk training seriously, with several competing as accomplished powerlifters."

— Tim H.

"True Fitness & Nutrition is THE place to go in Northern Virginia for strength coaching and personal training expertise.. I strongly recommend this facility and these people to anyone looking to step-up their game. "

— Matt Gary, USAPL Coaching Committee Chair

"I checked out TrueFN because the trainers were also powerlifters and really know their stuff... and it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I've doubled my strength, and I just feel great every day."

— Alex V.