Mike Pacheco


Mike developed a passion for training in the high school weight room working with teammates to get stronger for football and wrestling. The passion never died despite working long hours in manual labor jobs to help pay for school. This commitment to strength naturally led to studying Kinesiology at George Mason University. Through school he interned at True Fitness and Nutrition for a year discovering Powerlifting. He then cut his teeth training people at Golds Gym. Mike has a B.S. in Kinesiology and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Mike spends his free time with his family of 8 siblings and 13 nieces and nephews, and working with his hands.


If a job requires an 8 lb hammer a 16 lb hammer works twice as well. Brute strength is the most effective tool humans can develop to make life easier and battle aging. Every Human in the world can benefit from being stronger and I want to help everyone get there.


  • Appropriate strength progressions for youth to older adults

  • Effective programming for maximizing strength

  • Simple explanations for a complex fitness world

How to get the most out of a session with Mike

  1. Ask questions and be interested

  2. Be prepared to work

  3. Embrace the grind

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Mike is passionate and driven and it shows the first time you meet him. He values strength in himself and others and has the knowledge to get you there.
— Reggie M.


  • BS Kinesiology, George Mason University


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