Dr. Kyle Paxton


Dr. Paxton has both his Bachelors in Exercise science and his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. He is the owner and clinical director of Arlington Performance Care. He has dedicated his career to practicing and creating the most up to date and cutting edge techniques in physical medicine. Kyle treats everyone from middle school children to professional athletes. He also consults many professional sports teams on treatment techniques. 
He is originally from Rochester, NY where he played college football and continues to weightlift and train. 


There is no injury that can be addressed in isolation. It is critical to address the body as a whole, to not only have a fast rehab process, but to also best improve performance. I treat everyone of my patients like a high-level athlete, and give them specialized one-on-one care. My treatment style is always changing and I continue to add the most cutting edge techniques to my practice. 


  • Sports specific movement analysis
  • Expedited rehab results for the athlete
  • Progressive approach with both manual therapy and exercise
  • Performance enhancement

How to get the most out of a session with Dr. Paxton

  1. Have an open mind
  2. Be motivated to improve
  3. Ask questions

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Dr. Paxton takes the techniques that are used with professional athletes and applies them to everyone he sees. The way he treats everyone as an athlete is unique, and on top of that I was 100% fixed in 2 sessions!
— Matt S.


  • Bachelors of Exercise Science
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy
  • Be Activated

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