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Erik McLeod


Erik holds a B.S. in Kinesiology and is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Erik became invested in fitness as a senior in high school.  Without any guidance Erik tried anything and everything. He began lifting weights religiously, pounding protein shakes, and eating anything that crossed his line of sight.  He discovered Kinesiology not too far into his endeavors and instantly decided on what he would study in college.  With a scientific mind he abandoned the nonsense, and Erik developed an intense interest in effective strength training, and a disdain for training gimmicks and methodologies.  Erik served as an intern with True Fitness and Nutrition for 9 months, and is excited about sharing his knowledge and expertise with his clients.


Human fitness isn’t complicated.  It’s as straightforward as hard science gets.  We already know how to make humans fitter.  We’ve been doing it effectively for thousands of years.  Teach someone how to move, gradually increase the volume and intensity of work they do week to week, ensure consistency, and they have no choice but to become stronger and feel better.  That’s how it works, and that’s how it’ll always work.

We’re better than what we’re told by crackpot “health” scientists.  Humans aren’t fragile.  We’re held together by bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that constantly beg us for stress and sustenance.  We therefore owe it to ourselves to become physically stronger for as long as we are alive.

My goal is to make my clients stronger, healthier, happier, and more knowledgeable.


  • Distilling and translating health/fitness-related information
  • Developing productive and schedule-friendly training regimens
  • Assessing movement capabilities
  • Teaching the big 3 - squat, bench, deadlift
  • Keeping things simple

How to get the most out of a session with Erik

  1. Ask questions
  2. Be willing to learn
  3. Avoid trying to stay up to date with every new bit of fitness information

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Erik is extremely knowledgeable and gives such great direction and guidance in his coaching. I have made great strength gains, as well as a better mentality with my training thanks to Erik!
— Renee A.


  • B.S. Kinesiology (George Mason University)

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