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Elliott White


Elliott has had a passion for fitness since growing up as an athlete in Northern Virginia. Starting out as a strength coach at the collegiate level with James Madison University, Elliott went on to help create the Strength and Conditioning Department at the University of South Alabama. Elliott then trained athletes in the Toronto Blue Jays organization before returning to Northern Virginia to focus on professional personal training. Elliott launched True Fitness and Nutrition in 2013 and is a competitive powerlifter and coach with USA Powerlifting. Elliott lives in Falls Church with his beautiful wife Jenn and his wonderful pets. He loves lifting weights, reading books, and lifting weights.


We humans are pretty good at this whole science thing. We know how bodies and muscle cells adapt and respond to training. There is no guesswork involved. With the right inputs - progressive overload, effort and consistency - we will have success every time.  My clients who adhere to these principles are ALWAYS happy with where they end up. It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean easy. It requires working hard for a very long time, and you CAN do it. Stick with my program and you'll finally start seeing change in your body and your performance.


  • Technical emphasis to maximize performance and minimize injuries
  • Long term program design for beginners to advanced trainees
  • Powerlifting preparation to excel on the platform
  • Coaching for the long term to increase adherence and habit building

How to get the most out of a session with Elliott

  1. Be warmed up and ready for our first exercise so we can hit the ground running
  2. Bring your training plan to note adjustments and take down effective cues
  3. Work to get 1% better every day

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My work with Elliott has been literally life changing. With the support of Elliott and others at TrueFN, I am in the best shape of my life and am a competitive powerlifter - which is totally awesome!
— Andrew H.


  • BS Kinesiology, JMU
  • MS Exercise Science, USA
  • NPTI Certified Trainer and Nutrition Coach
  • USAPL Club Coach and State Referee

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