Coach Buffy and Coach Petunia

Take your training to the next level with veteran coaches, Buffy and Petunia! These senior resident canine coaches are always happy to see their TrueFN clients.

Buffy has been in the TrueFN family for more than three years, a rescue from the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. Her specialties include snacks, long naps, and critiquing deadlifts. Buffy does her own strength training, including doggy squats and step-ups. The key to her affection is raw carrots.

Petunia, also a rescue from the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, is our favorite ginger-pigtailed beagle. Petunia also enjoys naps and snacks, but her specialty exercise is "the zoomies." 

Buffy and Petunia can't wait to meet you!


We might be biased, but Buffy and Petunia add so much to the TrueFN studio. They embody the values of TrueFN: love and appreciate everyone, savor your time at the gym, and take recovery seriously.
— Jenn and Elliott