The Only New Year's Resolution You Need to Make

Creating a lasting exercise and healthy eating new year’s resolution has never been easier.

Curious about the one resolution you really need to make? See the countdown below…

5. Add to Something You Are Already Doing

Inclusive habits lead to a more positive outlook to the already difficult process of habit change. What this entails is attaching a new habit to a structured routine already in place.

4. Scheduling

It wont happen if you don't make space in your life for it. While difficult to find the time at first, you must consider what these new goals will take to bring to fruition.  Make it a non negotiable. Plan, or at least think logistically, about your training sessions or meals ahead of time before making other commitments to ensure nothing else takes over.

3. Start Small and Progress

Shrink your habit. Linear Progress your healthy habits as you would training. Start small and build up only after the foundation is solid.

2. Pick a Trajectory

Pick what direction you want your goals to take you towards.  Don’t miss the forest for the trees and sweat the small stuff.

1. No New Year’s Resolution

Sometimes you don’t need to set a goal. Sometimes not setting a goal can be a goal within itself. Mind-blown...we know....

Sometimes the best thing we can do is meet ourselves right where we are as we are. We are always looking for the next thing, the answer, the magic pill or action that will solve all our problems. Sounds a little extreme and cliche but isn't it true?

What makes a resolution different than just living? Aren't we always trying to improve? Trying to be a bit different than we were yesterday? Even if your answer is no- aren’t you different today than you were yesterday? This hour versus the last?

‘Perfect starts’ are a great dream. Life in a neatly packed box often is. What is the ‘perfect start’ anyway but a fallacy?

The above list are good ideas for goal setting but the point is do it. Do it now. Do it in December. Do it January 4th, do it at 2:32 PM in the afternoon.

Goals should be a direction for your sails; a north-star if you will. Change in your life, and subsequently your goals, is bound to happen. As priorities shift and life throws you curve-balls...time available, capacity, willingness... your goal, your resolution, your solemn not not your are no more or less of a person if you fall short or exceed a target.

The truth is, you can start a resolution any time. Nothing says it needs to be a new year, a Monday, or the morning. The point is you start; however perfectly imperfect you do. Live the life you want now. Make a decision, moment by moment.

Valerie Rider PERSONAL trainer

Valerie Rider
PERSONAL trainer

Ari Snaevarsson Nutrition Coach

Ari Snaevarsson
Nutrition Coach