What We Believe

We believe that everyone in the world should resistance train 3X a week. That’s me, grandparents, and grandkids. Anyone with muscles and bones needs to train, and therefore needs to learn how to do it properly. We teach people how to train for the rest of their lives. Not just a workout, not just putting on some sweat, but learning the basic principles of how to improve the human body. We teach how to work hard and work smart in the gym, and how to carry that into all aspects of life. We want to change how the ‘average’ person views lifting weights. Lifting weights is not scary, it’s not something to ‘try’ in between cycle classes and yoga; it is a basic necessity of all people. It is the most effective means of body transformation and performance improvement. When someone thinks, “I want to lose weight or get in shape or be healthier”, they need to think “I should lift weights.” Training yourself is a skill that never goes away, helping you create the manual for your own body for as long as you plan to occupy it. Adherence to these basic principles removes the magic from exercise and you stop falling for all the magic pills, gadgets and gizmos. You realize that hard effort, and attention to detail is the key to the progress you’ve always wanted. You learn that training relieves the tension and stress of an uncontrollable world. You realize that no matter the stressors of life, you can always have training as your bedrock. You know that training hard and often improves the experience of life every day the sun rises.