Client Spotlight: Linda Roman!

It’s amazing what a positive point of view can help you achieve. TrueFN client Linda Roman has it on lock, and she has newfound strength and a fab physique to show for it! Read her story with her coach, Erik McLeod, and her nutrition coach, Max Berkheimer, in our latest Client Spotlight. 

Sun’s out, Guns out

Sun’s out, Guns out

TRUEFN: How long have you been working with your coach Erik McLeod? Why did you start working together?

LR: I started working with my coach Erik in March of this year.  It was very important for me to find someone who understood how to work with a "mature" client with very little weight training experience.  Not only is Erik extremely knowledgeable about his craft, he applies it in all of our sessions in simple terms for me to absorb the concepts.  He has had me on a regimen that shows results!

TRUEFN: How has your physique, strength, and/or mindset changed since you started?

One of Linda’s many favorite exercises!

One of Linda’s many favorite exercises!

LR: In a short period of time I saw my overall appearance and attitude change. I lost 20 lbs working with Max, the nutrition expert, and increased my weights measurably. I’ve also resolved a shoulder problem with the help of Dr. Paxton and massage therapist Kyori. I'm generally a positive person, and my regular training program has only heightened my positive attitude!   

TRUEFN: How many days a week do you exercise?

LR: Twice a week with Erik, and 2 to 3 days a week I walk 3 miles.

TRUEFN: Life gets busy and people miss workouts, what's your strategy to stay on track?

LR: I'm committed to the program and to getting and staying as healthy as possible.  It’s easier for me since I'm retired, but everyone should do what’s best for their health.

TRUEFN: How has addressing your nutrition gotten you further toward your goals?

LR: The top necessary changes that Max has pointed out for me have been the importance of protein to feed my muscles and how to have appropriate portions.

TRUEFN: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard do you work during your workouts?

LR: I try to give it my all - and Erik would not accept anything but a 10!!!! 

TRUEFN: What is your favorite exercise?

LR: ANYthing that I accomplish during my workout. It’s rewarding to complete the exercises that Erik pushes and challenges me to do.

Nothing leisurely about Linda’s retirement :)

Nothing leisurely about Linda’s retirement :)

TRUEFN: How does being strong benefit other aspects of your life?

LR: It has improved my balance, flexibility and alertness.

TRUEFN: What’s your #1 piece of advice to someone who wants to make significant fitness progress?

LR: Not to steal Nike's motto, but they're correct...JUST DO IT! For yourself, for your partner, for your family.  The last thing anyone wants to be is a burden to someone else. Staying fit and healthy will reduce that risk for everyone.


Coaches’s Perspective: Erik McLeod and Max Berkheimer:

TRUEFN: Erik, why do you think Linda has come so far with her training and physique change? 

EM:  She has a fantastic work ethic, and she prioritizes her workouts above most other things in her life. Her work ethic keeps her consistent, and she always comes into her sessions expecting to work hard. Beyond that, her workouts clearly take high priority, so rather than look for excuses to skip the gym, she is always looking for reasons to get back into the gym. And most importantly, Linda is extremely patient, and realizes that real changes do not happen overnight. If more people were like Linda, more people would achieve their goals.


TRUEFN: Max, what do you think accounts for Linda’s body composition progress?


MB: Consistency and openness to change! Linda would be the first to tell you that her body composition change did not come right away. It took a few months of consistent alterations to her diet to see the progress she was looking for. For most people this is too long to wait, and they go back to their old habits (and square one). Linda was disciplined enough to keep working on the changes she mentioned above, and I’m happy to see that her hard work has paid off!