Good Coaches Know Breathing vs Bracing

Many lifters (and coaches/trainers) don't understand the difference between being strong DESPITE how they train vs being strong BECAUSE of how they train. One of the most important issues is breathing AND bracing. It is important to understand how to properly BREATHE (360 degree expansion of your core with a belly breath) as well as how to BRACE (360 degree contraction of the muscles in your core). Create the shield with a Brace and then breath behind that shield. I am absolutely amazed at the majority of lifters' inability to create a braced neutral spine under a load and then to create proper intra-abdominal pressure with a belly breath. If you don't now how to do this, I can pretty much guarantee that learning to do so will put pounds on your lifts immediately (as well as keep your back and hips healthy). And if your coach/trainer doesn't understand this I would highly recommend finding someone who understands training better to coach you. I find the ab wheel is a great way to train proper breathing and bracing. However, I contantly see people screwing this one up as well.
It is absolutely necessary to understand WHY you are doing an exercise and HOW to correctly execute it. Just going through the motions isn't going to get you anywhere.