"Big Game" Party Food Hack


With "the big game" this coming weekend, it's easy to go hog wild on the eats - it is our nation's second biggest "pig out" day after Thanksgiving. You can have fun and not break the bank using this quick green/yellow/red light food hierarchy guide to make choices. Not sure what'll be served? Bring a vegetable to ensure there will be at least one there, and have a quick and simple protein shake an hour before the party. Lastly, bring your water bottle!


  • Chili (1 cup serving max)
  • Wings (4 max)
  • Fruit salad (1/2 cup max)
  • Sliced veggies and green salad (no limit!)
  • Salsa (no limit!)
  • Hummus (3 spoonful max)
  • Bean or lentil salad (1 cup max)
  • Chicken breast, hamburger patty (1 max)


  • Handful chips (about 7 chips - eat with hummus or salsa!)
  • Alcoholic beverage (limit 2)
  • Nuts (about a cupped palm's size)
  • Diet soda (if you really want it - limit 2)
  • Buns (limit 1...consider ditching it totally)

RED COLUMN (try to avoid)

  • Pizza
  • Artichoke dip
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Nachos
  • "Ranch" dip or 7-layer dip
  • Ice cream- cupcakes / cookies / brownies
  • Anything obviously gross, like fried Oreos or butter sticks