Fitness and Your Environment

Our everyday environment has a large effect on our actions and behavior. The places you spend the most time (work, home, etc.) and the people around you will shape what you do and how you feel. It is common to think that in order to change something about yourself, motivation must come from inside. But what about shaping your external environment to make a change?


When it comes to fitness, there are two keys that should be present in your environment to create success. First, make yourself a part of a general culture that shares similar goals as you and approaches achievement in the right way. When you train at a place where people are focused and motivated, it will rub off on you. If you end up training where morale and focus are low, goal achievement will be much more difficult. Second, find people that share specific goals you have and are more advanced than you. Once you have found them, do your best to learn from them. If the goal is to get strong, find a place that has lots of people who are stronger than you. Not only will you learn more, but you will be much more motivated to improve compared to training at a place where you already are one of the strongest trainees.


I've been fortunate to fulfill the two keys above, and I attribute much of my success in my own training to the environment around me. When you surround yourself with people that have a similar mindset and focus, results will follow. Do you have a fitness goal in mind, and want to find an environment to develop the skills necessary to achieve it? TrueFN would be a good start!