2016 is over and we enter a new year....  Everyone says the same thing: "I am going to lose weight" "I am going to go to the gym everyday" "I am going to eat healthier" and the list continues...

Instead of saying the same thing that is super vague, why not set a specific goal?  Instead of saying you want to eat healthier, say you are going to incorporate a vegetable with each meal.  Instead of saying you are going to lose weight and go to the gym, say you will do X number of body-weight squats, X number of push-ups, better yet get a good quality trainer and have them tell you exactly what to do.  We set ourselves up to fail and never reach our "goal" because we aren't specific enough.  Or do we do it on purpose?  So that way when we DO fail it isn't that bad because we never set a specific goal from the beginning?  Or is our goal REALLY our goal?  Is it what we REALLY want?  Or would it be nice but we aren't up to putting forth much effort in obtaining it?

I don't say this just about wanting to change how we look... we do it with a million other things in life.  We say we want to be "better sons or daughters this year", but what does that mean exactly?  Maybe it should be "I am going to call my mom every weekend to see how she's doing".  "I am going to have lunch once a month with my dad."  Whatever it is.. be specific.  

After you set the goal, then it's just a matter of doing it!  It's easy to say you are going to do something, much harder to do.   Put your words into action.  You can set as many goals as you want but it means nothing if your behavior remains the same.  Some people like to use the excuse, "Well... I am just not as disciplined as you" or "I had to go do this thing with this person".  That is just a load of crap!  Every person has every ability and authority to do what they want to do.  You may not be able to control other's behaviors but you can certainly control yours!  NIKE and JUST DO IT.  Learn to set boundaries and say "no" to someone when they ask for your time right when you were about to go to the gym.  Saying no to others doesn't make you mean.  Saying no means you are saying YES to you!  

I encourage you to "DO YOU" and make the positive changes you want to make for yourself this year.  Don't let anyone get in the way of a healthier and happier YOU.  I don't always FEEL like lifting or FEEL like skipping dessert.  I just DO IT.  That doesn't mean we do everything perfectly.  It means we strive to get closer and closer to our goals.  None of us are perfect.  Cheers to all who want to change to be better and whatever better means to you.  I applaud all of you who try and continue to try.  Don't give up and as Dory would say from Finding Nemo "Just keep swimming.. Just keep swimming..swimming swimming"