Quality over Quantity

“Drop the weight some and really work on technique.” This is the last thing you want to hear from your trainer when you are trying to get strong, right? It feels like such a huge set back when you have to drop the weight lower, especially when you KNOW you can go heavier! It can feel discouraging, but let me encourage you to be patient.

John Cornnell taking it back to the basics at TrueFN - Push ups!

John Cornnell taking it back to the basics at TrueFN - Push ups!


When your trainer tells you to focus on the quality of the movement, you couldn’t have asked for a better trainer! Taking the time to build a strong foundation is key to making bigger gains in the end. The base is always important no matter what you are talking about. The foundation of a home must be strong and built correctly in order for it to stand and last a long time. You don’t just learn to read efficiently without learning your ABC’s in kindergarten. You have to start from the beginning. There are prerequisites to building anything.   

I know this sounds like common sense, and it is~ but how many times have you paid more attention to the quantity versus the quality of something? We do it ALL the time. Go to a toy store and buy a 99-cent dog toy that rips apart, versus a toy that is $5 and made of chemical free materials. Go to a grocery store and buy $1 processed meat versus the $3.99 pack of fresh pork. We do it just because it's cheaper! Don’t look at the number, look at the quality.  


You may end up suffering more in the long run. Your dog may end up ingesting harmful chemicals from the toy and you spend a lot in veterinary bills. Eating lots of processed meat can be harmful to your body and you may end up with major health problems.  Something that costs more also doesn’t always make it better - and it may cost more money in the long run anyway. Be like me and get the $5 chemical free toy when it’s on sale! =)

Bringing it back to strength training, just because someone can out-lift you by 100lbs in a squat doesn’t make him a better lifter. Did you see that partial Range of Motion (ROM)??? Someone squatting 100lbs less using proper form in a full ROM is the better quality lifter. That person will also be able to add more and more volume over time. Be smart, choose quality over quantity, and add some humility to your workouts. If you want to know more about how to do that, come visit us at True Fitness and Nutrition!