Top 10 reasons people in Northern VA tell everyone they know about True Fitness and Nutrition

It's true, True Fitness and Nutrition has been the talk of the town. Here are the top 10 reasons why people in Northern VA tell everyone about True Fitness and Nutrition:

1. The Atmosphere: You can feel it right when you walk in. Tucked into a cozy business park in downtown McLean, our studio is a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Whether you're one of the strongest powerlifters around or you're working on injury rehab with Kim, we're happy to see you. By walking in you're doing something to improve your body and your life, and we admire that. We have some hardcore training equipment, but we also have cool art on the walls and nice bathrooms. Our atmosphere is comfortable for anyone.

2. The Trainers: You won't find smarter trainers than the staff of True Fitness and Nutrition. We exhibit a laundry list of advanced certifications and most of us have served as instructors at the National Personal Training Institute, a 600 hour certification school for personal trainers. We undergo continuing education and challenge ourselves to hone our craft. We love this stuff. We eat, sleep and breath it. We all have degrees, plaques and trophies, but that's not what gets us excited. It's the progress we make for our clients!

3. Quality Coaching: You can have all the book knowledge in the world, but if you fail to convey it in a meaningful way, success and change will evade your clients. Coaching is understanding the goals and journey of an individual and what steps are needed. It's more than what to do, it's how to do it, and when to do it. Telling people to work harder is easy, but it rarely gets the job done. A terrible boss makes lots of requests but reaps little results - a good one brings out the best in his or her employees. It's the same idea with coaching. A great coach helps a client excel by learning how the client best responds to direction, tailoring the coaching accordingly, and being willing to evolve with the client.

4. We Train Too: At True Fitness and Nutrition, all of us resistance train, and HARD. We are our own first clients, and we take that seriously. A majority of our trainers compete in powerlifting and other strength sports. We've seen and felt the benefits of hard work under a barbell, and we're excited to show others what it can do for them. We don't ask anyone to do anything that we don't ask of ourselves. We've been there. We treat our work and our own training like our lives depend on it - because they do. 

5. The Total Package: With us, you get the total package. You can't outwork bad nutrition no matter how hard you workout. Anyone telling you differently isn't familiar with the science or is more interested in the short-term contents of your wallet than your long-term progress. We incorporate nutritional counseling into our Personal Training sessions to ensure that your nutrition is headed in the right direction. We also offer in-depth nutrition coaching services to help those seeking fundamental change. Far more than meal plans and a prescription for boiled chicken breasts, we guide you to work towards better habits in the life you live today. We also have the finest in-house rehab specialist and a genius massage therapist, here to meet all of your physical wellness needs.

6. Kim Limon: Have you heard of Kim Limon? She is our all-star rehabilitation specialist. Seriously. She's been around the country training with the best of the best in advanced rehab techniques. Her goal is to make you move and feel better. There is no reason to be in pain your entire life. Kim can help bring you out of it. We are all smart cookies at True-FN; Kim Limon is a body wizard. 

7. The Truth: There are things you need to do to improve your body and your life. At True Fitness and Nutrition, we don't pull any punches about the things that will make a difference. We rest our hats on telling people the truth, even if it may be tough to hear. The answers you get about protein, lifting weights, or the P90X DVDs will be the same no matter who you ask around here, because our answers are based in science.

8. Quality: We incorporate quality over quantity in everything that we do. We have a maximum of 5 clients training at any one time, and each with personal supervision. Unlike box gyms that open to the masses and don't care if you make progress, we are invested in you. This requires attention. That means we focus on only a few people each day, but we impact every one of them.

9. We Change the Industry: Our goal is to "Make Personal Training What It Should Be". Our industry is unfortunately not known for an abundance of real expertise. We've seen just about everything, from the dangerous to the ludicrous to the sad. Most Personal Trainers are not good. Most "Personal Trainers" took a weekend certification or two, and most gyms will gladly hire these people. With our top levels of education, practical experience, and continuous learning, we raise the bar - MUCH higher. By building a community of excellent trainers, educated and empowered clients, and top-notch experts across the health and wellness disciplines, we are working to change lives and change our industry.

[Great Personal Training is more than a t-shirt]

10. You: We're lucky to have clients who share us on Facebook, write reviews on Yelp, and tell their friends and colleagues about their experiences with us. Thank you for spending time with us, whether in our studio or online. We're passionate about our mission to improve people's lives and we hope to make you one of those people.