Change the Way You Change

There seems to be new a fitness article posted every 10 seconds, and each one has a different message. Muscle and Fitness tells us to lift weights, and Shape magazine preaches cardio. The Washington Post says that meat will kill you, and the Today Show would have us eat it with every meal. What are we to do with all this conflicting information and which path are we supposed to take? This fitness confusion is often what stops people from the one thing they really need: ACTION. Getting down to business will make the largest difference in someone's progress even if the path isn't perfect. But getting to work is often fraught with difficulties that we can prepare for in advance. Creating the necessary steps for change is a science and is based on research in human behavior. Missing this critical piece can spell doom for a fitness transformation or even maintenance of a successful program.

Most fitness motivators see this lack of action and paralysis by analysis in a client and just chalk it up to laziness. They motivate their clients with lines such as:

'You just need to want it more'

'Prioritize your fitness over the other things in your life'

Oftentimes this misses a basic concept; that the way our brains work is to RESIST change, and that tapping into our inner functions can make these changes easier. This is far more than laziness. Our brains are hard-wired to make decisions quickly under certain situations. Setting the table to make decisions toward fitness can simplify the process. In this upcoming series we'll be exploring some of the concepts of the science of change and how to make it happen. Tune in over the coming weeks to learn about how to breakdown change into 4 manageable steps.

Step 1: Prepare Yourself for Change

-Change is a Process

-The Stages of Change

-Create Actionable Change

Step 2: A Look Inside your Brain

-Mind Over Matter: Conscious vs. Unconscious

-Asking Tough Questions

Step 3: Rally the Herd

-Assemble your Team

-Look to the Light

Step 4: Shape your Path

Learn how to start working with your mind rather than against it and change your life for the better.