What Am I Getting Into?

A lot of our beginner clients aren't really sure what to expect when they get in touch with us for the first time. When clients call in, they have been thinking about fitness for a long time. They have been pondering about what to do, how to do it, and have likely tried out quite a few things without results. When a client finally gets in touch with us, they are ready to clear the clutter and finally do it right. Never made progress with your training? Than you need to try what works. We're proud of what we can do for folks, so here is a sneak peek of what it is you're getting into:

What happens when I sign up?

Potential clients are contacted by the Head Trainer within 24 hours to discuss their goals, and what is required to attain them. This includes a basic overview of nutrition and training to set the groundwork for our work together. Clients are then assigned to a trainer who matches their schedule and skill level, to arrange a first meeting. The trainer sits down with the client to go over previous training history, and take them through a movement assessment to see what areas are tight/weak, or in need of attention. The trainer then instructs the client on how best to achieve their goals, and how TFN can be helpful in the process.

How much does it cost?

All sessions are $90 including Personal Training sessions, Nutritional Consultations, and Massages. Virtual Coaching is 4 weeks of guided programming for $120.

Is there a contract?

Clients sign up for training in 5 session blocks, or in single sessions, with no contracts, and no cancellation fees.

Who does well at TFN?

The clients who have the most success come in ready to work, and more importantly ready to learn. We are like a Sherpa to a mountain climber, we can show the way, but we don't do the work. This work happens both in and out of the gym. The most successful clients show a willingness to learn, and implement the big picture while ignoring the minutiae.

How often should I train?

All humans should resistance train 3X week. This allows you to work hard enough to make a difference, and rest long enough to make progress. Intermediates and Advanced trainees may end up needing to train 4-6X per week depending on their schedule and goals.

Who would not do well at TFN?

Clients who do not have success are not willing to match goals and behavior. The steps required to achieve a goal are almost always longer and harder than at first anticipated. Clients looking to sweat a lot, and not think very much will be disappointed with their fitness in general. Learning the basic concepts requires active involvement and participation. Doing jumping jacks for an hour is hard work, but it does not teach you how to move, or how to train for the future. At TFN we take the long approach, and teach the lessons worth learning to train properly for years to come. If you are not interested in this long term investment in yourself, you probably wouldn't be a good client for TFN.

Could I get hurt?

Certainly. Although driving to our studio is a far more dangerous activity. Despite popular opinion, weight training (and properly) is one of the safest physical activities per 100 hours of participation.

I'm kind of new to this...what is weight training?

Proper weight training means teaching the basic human movements of squat, hinge, press, pull, and carry. Once these movements are performed properly they are gradually overloaded with weight to make them more challenging and increase the bodies function. This gradual overload happens every workout with beginners, and gets more complicated with advanced trainees

What is a session like?

All training sessions are 60 minutes, and often contain a warm up to increase the body temperature, and activate any weak or underdeveloped areas. Exercises like the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, and pull ups are then performed under the supervision of a trainer, and coaching cues and lessons are covered. Some sessions will conclude with conditioning to improve work capacity through carries or sled pushes. Stretches are applied by the trainer, or demonstrated before the client gets some water and is out the door to put all those great motor patterns into practice.

Is it hard?

Good training is always hard, as we are constantly asking the body to improve. A good training session should be challenging, but doable so that progress can continue.

I'm a powerlifter, can you help me too?

Absolutely. Most TFN trainers have competed in powerlifting for years, and a large percentage of our clients compete as well. We offer 2 hour Powerlifting Consultations to go over training history, past lifts, technique, nutrition, and contest schedule to set you on the right path. We offer Virtual Coaching in 4 week blocks to guide programming at the gym of your choosing, and peak for competition. We also offer game day Handling Service which includes attempt selection, and taking care of everything on the day of the meet.

How do I sign up?!

Click the Contact button above, and our Head Trainer will give you a call within 24 hours to get you started