Summer Rolls!

It's summer time!!! Freshen up the hot day with this tasty recipe for Vietnamese summer rolls. We have all been to those Vietnamese restaurants that serve these delicious rolls. They are rolls filled with rice vermicelli noodles, lettuce and a little thin slice of shrimp. You get two rolls and it can cost anywhere between 4 to 7 dollars. If you go to your local Asian market (h-mart or lotte) or even Wegmans you can get this rice paper! This is the really the only thing you have to buy to hold all of your ingredients together.

I love making my own take on summer rolls at home because I can add whatever I want. I skip the rice noodles since I am already using rice paper. I fill up the roll with lots of vegetables and meat. I used Korean marinated chicken, lettuce, colorful bell peppers, avocados and Korean pickled radish. There is no wrong ingredient; it is totally your preference. Cucumbers and carrots are also a good refreshing choice for these rolls.


-rice paper

-bell peppers



-pickled radish

-cooked chicken

So here's how you get started. Get a large bowl of warm water and put one of the sheets of rice paper into the bowl. Soak it in the water and move it around for about a minute. This will allow the paper to soften up. Once it is soft then take it out of the water and place it on large plate and add the ingredients in the middle of the rice paper. Then roll it up as demonstrated below. 

After you wrap it up then dip the roll in either hoisin sauce, peanut sauce or for extra heat, good old siracha and enjoy! So easy, healthy and refreshing on a hot day. Easy way to get a lot of vegetables without it tasting like a boring salad.