I love that I can always find a way to take every day life experiences and apply it to

fitness. So my best friend and I attended a "paint nite" event to do something "different"

for once. Don't you get tired of doing the same things and going to the same places? It

can get pretty boring after awhile. It was fun to paint and just enjoy each other's

company. While painting I noticed how we both have different styles. The entire class

was painting the same exact picture but they all looked a little different from one

another. Mindy (my best friend) made her colors a lot bolder, and used shorter fast

strokes. My strokes were a lot longer and my colors were lighter. This experience

made me think of personal trainers and their different "styles".

We ALL have different styles and we SHOULD! None of us are identical, we are all

unique! Everyone has their own individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities. I

say weaknesses only because we are NOT perfect and there is always room to grow

and learn in the field of fitness. Having your own style sets you apart from everyone

else. Having your own qualities is great but knowledge is equally significant. This is

why True Fitness and Nutrition is an excellent place to experience fact-based

understanding about fitness.

It is critical for trainers to recognize their style and be able to critique, cue, model

appropriate movements. We must also remember that while we have our individual

approach, clients also have their own styles. This means that while one prompt may

work for one person may not work for another. We all learn differently. Some people

are visual learners while others may need actual physical cues. It is important to

establish how someone learns in order to be both a good trainer and client. Let's learn

and grow together!

At True Fitness and Nutrition, each of us have our own unique characteristics. I love that

about us. We are all different but the most important thing is that we all focus on the

significance of resistance training. We provide a systematical approach to helping all

types of people, with our unique styles! Come and check us out sometime.