Live Longer

I have recently had close friends and family lose their loved ones. These loved ones are a person's forever companion in life... their dogs! As many of you are aware I have a little 5 lb. Chihuahua, Daba. He is my everything. I would be devastated if anything were to ever happen to him. It is my responsibility to provide him a loving environment with nutritious food and regular exercise. By doing these things I will be able to enjoy more time and many more years with my Daba.

We all know Cesar Millan. He is famous for being the "dog whisperer", the guru of training dogs. He stated the importance of regular exercise and good nutrition as being key ways of extending your dog's life span.

It's nothing new but I feel that it's important to say again and again just how important it is to adopt good habits so you can live longer. This isn't just something that personal trainers or macho fitness people say. This is what years of research and studies have proven to be true. At True Fitness and Nutrition we have all sorts of quotes on our walls and this one is my favorite: "We do not stop moving because we grow old; we grow old because we stop moving."

I would like to encourage all of readers, no matter what age you are, to move, move, move! We live in a society that continues to create inventions and devices to help us to move less. Don't fall for it! I found a website that sells electrical hoverboards, it's called "smart scooter"... Seriously? There's nothing smart about it!

Stick to science and research. If you want to live longer, eat smart and get strong. Plain and simple.

This post is dedicated to Mina, our beautiful princess. We will miss you!