How Elliott Wussed Out


I don't always wuss out. In fact I think I kick ass most of the time. When others are sitting on their couches wondering why their bodies hurt, I'm at TrueFN hitting another set of heavy squats. I pride myself on my work ethic. I'm willing to push myself harder than most and I regularly beat people with way more talent on competition day. I outwork them. Unless of course, I wuss out. Like this past Sunday.

I was slated for an AMRAP set at 425 on squat (as many reps as possible). Now this is heavy, but nothing I can't handle. I've never done more than 3 with this load, but training has been going great, and I was feeling pretty confident I'd be able to knock down 6 clean ones. This would also let me talk lots of mess to the Barbell Club and give me a week or two as king of the gym.

Here's what went through my head:

Rep 1: Weight feels good. Set up is tight, let's wreck this thing

Rep 2: Whooo that was fast, gimme another!

Rep 3: Aw I'm gonna kill this, this isn't even hard


Rep 5: That was heavy I should rack it....

NO. NO NO NO. Why did I do that? I definitely had one more. Well maybe, but why didn't I go for it? It felt so good, what am I doing? I am such a f*$&#!^* mother$@&(&$# idiot p&%#! of s@%#. AHHHH!

Stupid. I had 6....and I wussed out.

See for yourself:


Now a 6th rep would've been tough. But the truth is I should've tried. I didn't because I was scared. All of a sudden the weight got heavy and I chickened out. I thought of all the bad things that could happen and all the reasons why not, instead of listening to myself and my motivation and just doing it.

These hard reps are important. They are what push us into the territories we've never been before. Exercise demands a stimulus to make us stronger, faster and leaner. It is these last reps that require our bodies to do the things we want. It is all too easy to step away, and never even make the attempt. We excuse ourselves with things like:

"Maybe another day"

"I'm just not feeling it"

"I had a bad dream last night"

"My something is wrong with my something or other"

We know what these are. These are excuses to get us off the hook for wussing out. That 6th rep would've made me stronger. If I don't perform the way I want in competition, I'll know where to look. Right in the mirror because I didn't work hard enough when it counted. This is why trainers need trainers. I've heard these guys are good.

They tell us that all-important phrase where winners are crowned and losers make excuses; "JUST ONE MORE REP!"