T-Shirt Quiz!

It's Labor Day so we have a little "labor" for your brain. Take this 6-question quiz and be the FIRST respondent on Facebook with all the right answers...win a beauteous True Fitness & Nutrition t-shirt! Try not to use the interwebs for assistance, not that we'll know if you do. Integrity, people!

Let the games begin...

1) True or False: the average person can squat more weight than he/she can deadlift.

2) The major muscles stretched during a "Couch Stretch" are:

hip flexors
3) Which of the following foods has the most protein per serving?

whole wheat spaghetti
skim milk
chicken breast
chick peas
4) How much does the standard barbell weigh?

45 pounds
50 pounds
55 pounds
30 kilograms
5) For body fat loss, nutrition is:

equally as important as exercise
more important than exercise
less important than exercise
not an important factor
6) True or False: "heavy" strength training is more important for building bone density than calcium supplementation is.