Ari Snaevarsson

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Ari’s nutritional knowledge lies predominantly in the field of habit-building.  Spending the summer of 2017 interning and working at two residential eating disorder treatment facilities, he has seen the extremes of the dieting world and has experience counseling clients who have an exceptionally difficult time with habit change.  From 2013 to 2016, Ari has competed in two bodybuilding shows and three powerlifting meets.  Ari worked part-time as a research assistant, studying the endothelial effects of cocoa consumption.  He also served as the Features Editor of Gettysburg College’s newspaper, The Gettysburgian, with a weekly health/nutrition column.


Ari prefers to take a holistic approach to tackling dieting efforts and rejects entirely the concept of cut-and-paste cookie cutter plans.  To Ari, mindful eating and rejection of the “diet mentality” are entirely compatible with weight change goals and a proper resistance training regimen.  He has experience with a multitude of diet approaches, from ketogenic diets to basic macro counting to protein-sparing modified fasts, and he has read through a number of nutrition, obesity, eating disorder, and psychology textbooks to complement his experiential knowledge.


  • Habit-building and stimulus substitution
  • Mindful eating
  • Exploring the nuances of weight loss
  • Helping you see the capacity to incite change that you already possess

How to get the most out of a session with Ari

  1. Leave behind judgment terms (you did not “do good” by eating healthy today or “do poorly” by forgetting to track something)
  2. Believe in your own potential
  3. Be open with me (vulnerability is the first step to making change)

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Ari is awesome! With him, there are no fads or prescriptive diets. It’s all about habit-based long-term solutions. He doesn’t hand you a ready-made program, he teaches you the skills you need to eat well and have a better relationship with food.
— Guro E.

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