Why True Fitness and Nutrition?


It's quite the conundrum: Today, fitness trends are a dime a dozen, yet very few people get the results they want. Wouldn't it be great if someone could figure out how to exercise properly already? 

Welcome to True Fitness and Nutrition, where we do it right and get results. 

Our approach is simple and straightforward. Your body responds in a major way to certain forms of exercise, but very little to others, which is why you can spend a lifetime in group exercise classes or on a treadmill and never see the results you want.

We teach our clients to master the basics. Perform progressively overloaded, compound exercises three times per week and adopt eating habits that support your training instead of compromising it.

All it takes to finally change your body is to show up, pay attention, and give your best effort.

If you're ready to stop guessing and start progressing, come see us today.


What Makes Our Trainers Different?

True professionalism. 

Sadly, "personal trainer" is not a protected title. With as little as an online weekend class, pretty much anyone can call themselves a trainer. At best, this results in personal training that is a waste of time and energy because it has little or no effect. At worst, these trainers can cause harm to their clients.

At TrueFN, we are on a mission to change the industry - and people's lives. Our trainers have a minimum of 600 hours of hands-on, university-level education. We don't just receive certifications, we teach them as well. 


True Professionals


Take a sneak peak in our gym bags to find equipment and supplements that will help you progress.